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Be Visible. Have your voice heard.


Printed PINK Poop Bags

Great for dog waste or even dirty baby diapers

Also. they have a handle so could be a gift bag.

The Trumpster

in The Dumpster.

We are all in this mess together.

This is no 'alternative fact"- 

Polls show that the major of Dogs did not vote for Trump.

Package of 50.  $5.00 They would make great Christmas gifts.

Unisex (of course!)

s, m,l xl,

100% cotton.

$10.00 each  

supply limited.

 Women's flag!

3'x5'  or  2'x3' 

Show your pride by displaying it outdoors. Can be an inside or outside banner.  

Quality product, thick, sturdy. 

Printed on both sides. 

Weather resistant, fade resistant , pole  sleeve.

Large $15.  Medium $12

Remember that  yellow  wristband that some cyclist made popular?    Our pink bands symbolizes equality. Don't let THEM forget. Back-The March continues.

Five for $5.00

Supply limited


$10.00 each

Very practical. Canvas, light weight and sturdy. Roomy interior- big enough for  Tablet. Drawstring closure. Outside pocket, Good           for   gym, school                                                      or even as a baby bag!  

 4" flag, on plastic stick. One side printing Great to show off at office. 

Five for $5.

supply limited

Its more than just a Bumper Sticker!

Three for $3.00

Tape it to your window or apply to your desk.

Tell the world you support equality. 

Coffee Mg