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Everybody can do something to support the cause!

How did this all start?
I was watching the Seattle Women's March on TV. My daughter-in-law, Lindsay (Home page) was posting Facebook pictures from the London March.  I looked out the window and saw my American flag.  I thought, "I wish I had a Woman's flag."
BAAM!  That was that. I thought- I'll design  one." From there, other products naturally evolved.
Another inspiration was the young woman who organized the Washington D.C. March.  At the end she said, with tears streaming, "I've never done anything like this before."  I was so very proud of her.
As for me, I am an energized old hippie. This is my 'something' to add to the Movement.  I  used to own a community newspaper in Virginia, so this undertaking is not uncharted. But at 62 years old, it is somewhat intimidating. Please contact me with idea or suggestions.

After the March
I heard people 
smugly say,
 "And now, what? 
What are THEY going to do now?"

We are going to be visible, that is what.
We are going to confront those
 who oppose us. 
We are not going to hide, 
we are going to stand up and fight.
This worldwide movement
is composed of women, men and children.
People of all ages, races, sexual orientation, nation origin and religions.
United we stand.

Be visible. In thought. In action. At work.        At home. In attire.  We are a sisterhood.