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Show you've had enough.
It is time to buy "The Trumpster in the Dumpster"  dog poop bags.
 Give them as gifts or they can be lunch bags because they have a handle.
Are you so mad about our administration
that you don't know what to do?
The president encourages sexism, racism. He is now anti-Climate,
Trumps BFF seems to be Russia's President Putin.  The Russians have meddled in US elections and it is possible they helped elect the current president.
Trump is Pro-Saudi government (remember the 9-11 passport holders?)
Five of his inner circle are under investigation for Russian ties. Now his son-in-law.  We need to take back our country. Exercise frredom of speech.Trump                                                                                      Buy  'The Trumpster in the Dumpster.'

United We Stand.
Be visible.

Offering merchandise designed
to unify the Movement

Bumper Stickers
Coffee Mugs
Large and small flags
Dog poop bags